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Cooperative Purchasing for Speed, Quality, Value and Compliance

Trust in Experience. Strength in Numbers.

If you’re a member of a purchasing cooperative, you already understand the benefits of procuring products and services through cooperative contracts that allow you to streamline procurement with assured value and transparency.

Tremco and affiliated construction services company WTI have been recognized as preferred suppliers of roofing, building envelope and construction services by these leaders in cooperative purchasing:

Take Charge of Your Maintenance, Repair and Restoration Projects.

Ensure Safety, Too.

Diagnostics, maintenance and repair comprise our proactive approach to preserving your healthy roofs and bringing the others up to standard. It’s all about extending roof life via advanced diagnostics, early intervention, timely maintenance and repair.

Restore Your Roofs for a Fraction of the Cost of Replacement

With the industry’s most innovative restoration systems, we’re taking old roofs where they’ve never been before – decades into the future with warranties to match, all at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Maximize Building Performance and ROI

Maximize building performance and ROI through our Roof Management and General Contracting programs. With Tremco ManagedAssets™, you benefit from budget predictability with an expert assessment of building conditions using world class diagnostics, and a prioritized spending plan to align with your goals. Our General Contracting Services give you a single source solution with a proven record of excellence and centralized accountability.

Stop Air Leaks to Optimize Student Learning and Energy Conservation

When unconditioned air seeps in and out of gaps, cracks and holes in your building envelope – think doors, windows, and roof/wall joints – you’re stuck with poor indoor air quality, wasted energy and uncomfortable rooms. We can help you properly seal your buildings to improve health and comfort and save on energy, too.