Roofing & Building Envelope Procurement
for California Public Agencies:

Through WTI’s California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) #4-21-03-1001, #3, WTI and affiliated company Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance provide innovative, high-performance products and services for every environment, to maximize the performance life of your buildings.

These roofing and building envelope solutions offer a myriad of energy-conscious, environmentally-sensitive and budget-friendly benefits:

  • Low and no-odor options for minimal classroom or workplace disruption
  • Fluid-applied restoration systems that go on quickly
    and easily for efficient installation, resulting in lower labor costs
  • Restoration options to reduce landfill waste from failed roof materials and meet sustainability goals
  • White roof systems that are the definition of cool, which means they not only look great, but reflect the sun to reduce energy use

California public agencies can purchase Tremco materials and services through WTI’s CMAS award schedule in accordance with California’s Public Contract Revised Code (Sections 10290 et seq. and 12101.5) which in part governs the use of contract vehicles by state and local government agencies. In this case, CMAS may be used to obtain roofing and construction materials and services, within specified limits for labor solutions using the CMAS award
schedule. CMAS may be used by school districts, cities, counties, municipalities, state universities, community colleges and executive level agencies – basically any public entity empowered to expend public funds.

California Contractor’s License number: 274072
Class C39 & B License valid through 10/31/2021