How Can ESSER Funding Be Used Related to Roofing, Building Envelope and Construction Projects?

As districts struggle with passing levies, staffing shortages, rising costs and other challenges, operations and finance personnel tasked with maintaining their buildings need to fully understand the funding opportunities available to protect their facilities.

Understanding how to leverage available ESSER funds and what facility work applies will help school officials to extend the life of their building assets within the confines of budget challenges.

Learn what type of facility improvements/upgrades can be
done using ESSER funds by downloading our ESSER FAQ using the link at right. You’ll learn:

  • Upcoming ESSER funding deadlines and how to leverage cooperative procurement vehicles in compliance with federal funding requirements.
  • What type of work qualifies and what requirements must be met for the use of ESSER funds.
  • The importance of identifying and addressing building enclosure deficiencies to improve and protect indoor air quality.

The experts at Tremco Roofing can provide:

  • The latest qualified methods of inspection, testing, maintenance, repair, and replacement to improve school facility indoor air quality.
  • Actionable steps on how to identify and address building enclosure deficiencies to achieve optimal student indoor air quality, comfort, health and safety in a timely manner within a predictable budget.

To check the allocation of ESSER and other funds in your state, the U.S. Department of Education publishes an online Education Stabilization Fund (ESF) funds portal.

To learn more or to request a consultation, please contact us.

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